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New forum
Name: frank
Forum Moderator
Hello guys, as you noticed the forum was quite buggy the last few days. I have rewritten the old forum and added a lot of new features and changes.

*Last post by:
You can see this on every topic and forum page from now.

*Edit by:
When you edit your post, you get this tag under your post, that way you and we can see who editted your post.

*Forum nickname:
Go to your "edit preferences" page, and enter a new forum nickname. You can use other names then your username on the forums from now, this is for privacy reasons.

The whole code is optimalised, and much more data is stored. This way we reduce serverload, things will run smoother and way faster, and the mod team can check more things back (like IP's etc), duo this less serverload we also are able to carry more users.

*New way of storing post dates:
I use a differend way of storing post dates from now, this has resulted in a lose of all old post dates.

2 more forum updates are in the making:
*Post time restriction.
*Bad Language Filter.

Report new bugs and i hope you guys enjoy the new forum!

~ Frank
11/12/08 : 23:27:35

Name: frank
Also the federation forums are back online now.

Federation leaders can edit/delete posts in the federation forum.

Delete - Edit
16/12/08 : 17:25:19

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