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Name: soccer_09
There should be ways to research certain things.

Some examples would be researching to increase:

income production
steel production
wood production
food production
overall construction bonus for cheaper building
attack strentgh
defense strength
op'ing capability
impact of land mines and defensive buildings

These are just some ideas. I think by having 10+ things to research, it will make people want to be in a federation because then you have to have a big federation (get lots of people working together) to be most effective. Maybe set it so that you can only research a max of 4 or 5 things as well and they should be pricy.

You will have the option to get rid of something you have researched so that you can research something else, but it will cost x% more each time you do that.

I'm sure this would need more work, and I'm sure that there are more things that can be researched but at least it's a start. Ic doesn't have something like this
25/12/08 : 20:02:05

Name: frank
yeah, but set a max of 5 research thingy's doesn't works, cos i planned in adding a huge list of research options.

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26/12/08 : 12:00:21

Name: soccer_09
well it was just a starter example list One of my main points though was not to make a resourcer bonus like in IC, but you make a bonus for each individual resource. Will be anxiously waiting to research stuffies

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26/12/08 : 16:53:47

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