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Yes it took me a while but they are finally finished. Some of you already noticed some of them ingame, but i will list them all here for those who didn't.

* Reports page:
This page got a new design now which allows people to find their reports with less clicking. This is a more userfriendly reports system.

* Info on the map:
There is a little INFO button on your countries on the map now, when you hover over it, you get a little popup window with military information about this country.

* Kill support troops:
There was an bug in the battle system that prevents your support troops from dieing, this bug is fixed now.

* Special Operations link:
When you click on an country on the map, you will see an "special Operations button under the attack link.

* Economic Centers income increased:
Economic Centers will make 15 a tick from now.

* New Unit: Minesweeper
A new unit has been added to the game, this unit will defuses 10 mines in a battle.

* New Building: house
This new building supports another 150 population on your country. (Not fully implented yet).

* Federation Rankings:
Federation leaders can set rankings in their federations from now. The higher the level, the more privileges people have in there fed. You need to be a colonel or higher if you wanna take cash of the federation bank. More privileges will be added soon.
We have currently 10 rankings:
Staff General
Lieutenant General
Major General
Brigadier General

* Country page update:
You are able to sort your country by several things now, like population, soldiers and buildings.
Also are the units and buildings under construction posted on the page within a ().

*Number format:
On the HQ page are your resources and money formatted. Every 1000 is marked with an , .

* Construction page update:
The construction page is ordered like the buildup from the country page. Copy/past will also be easier because the units and buildings are next to eachother now.

* Bug Fixes:
A bug in the Special Operations system that allows you to destroy more buildings then built has been fixed.

A bug that prevents you from denying a player from your federation has been fixed.

More updates are in the making, and will be ready soon. Please give ideas and opinions about the changes and ofcource report bugs

~ Frank
29/12/08 : 22:44:13

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