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Game Updates V0.1
Name: frank
Forum Moderator
Game Version 0.1:

Guide Popup:
The ingame guide link will create a popup, this will prevent you from losing your ingame browser.

Hints System:
A new hints system for new players has been added, you recieve hints on all your pages with usefull information. You can disable it with a link on the buttom of the hints window.

New Building System:
The new buildingsystem has a better look, you can see what you are already building, you can click the building name for more information about that building and the buildingtime will show up now.

Fleet page:
The country co-ords are showed with X and Y now, not country ID anymore, this makes it much easier for players to check what country they are attacking.

New Server Time:
The server time changes to GMT +0.

Resources on Top:
All resources are showed on top of all your ingame pages from now, this makes it easier for players to check what resources/cash they have.

Forum Ban:
Moderators have the rights to give out forumbans from now.

Hall of Fame:
Hall of fame has been added, you can acces it from the home page of the game, all beta round records are lost

Networth has been added as general "player power", check the list below for the list.
Things that effect your networth:
* Country = 1000 nw
* Soldier = 1 nw
* Tank = 10 nw
* Planes = 10 nw
* Ship = 100 nw
* Minesweeper = 1 nw
* All research options = 1250 nw
* Buildings = 5 nw
* Train station = 10 nw
* Harbor = 15 nw
* Airport = 20 nw

Rankings Page:
You can sort the ingame rankings by Networth and Total Countries from now.

Session Handler (Security update):
My new session handler prevents session hijacking attacks and more... security related

Include Protection(Security update):
It's not possible to open core files from an external source anymore... security related

Please report all bugs, ideas and opinions.

~ Frank
11/02/09 : 17:17:34

Name: soccer_09
very sexy

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18/02/09 : 19:15:47

Name: frank
Fleets page upgrade:
The fleet's page got a new design now wich fits the game better, also people from your fed will turn green if you attack them.
The current owner of the country is also vissible, now you can see who you attack before you press attack

The game chats changed to a mibbit chat, this chat doesn't requires java to be installed. It is faster, and easy to use.

~ Frank

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18/02/09 : 23:03:31

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