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Busy busy and busy...
Name: frank
Forum Moderator
Yes you guys already know what i'm gonna say, i'm recieving a lot of messages about updates and why there are no changes anymore...

I have been really busy in real life the last few weeks, this will go on for another 1 or 2 weeks.

But don't worry, updates are still in the making, only it's progressing a little slower then expected. I will be fully back within 2 weeks and will have some great updates to the game by then.

Thanks for waiting

~ Frank
11/03/09 : 23:02:33

Name: Pizz
Hey frank
no problem you busy man haha.
can you make more room in de fedarations?
because 4 is the limit now butt we wanna grow bigger?

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18/03/09 : 21:07:49

how do i join a federation?
10/12/11 : 19:34:22

Name: Reyth
You sbmit an application by clicking on the Federation name in the list. You click apply once you clicked the name link.
10/12/11 : 19:42:18

Name: Reyth
Ok for future generations the reponse should of been:

1) Click Federation in the command list to the left.
2) Click Join Federation
3) Choose the Federation you want and click Join

You can review the various federations by clicking on their name when you are on the appropriate screen.
12/12/11 : 19:10:44

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