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Game Version 1.0
Name: frank
Forum Moderator
After 2,5 years of developing i can finally announce game version 1.0 to the world!

In this version a lot of changes have been made.
Some mayor changes are:

* No tick updates but real time gameplay!

* New design

* New (much better and faster) game engine

And a lot of little tweaks to improve gameplay!
Accounts are linked to all frankproduction games.
So if you make an account for ultimate warfare you also gave free access to games like www.marakia.com

A full change log about version 1.0 can be found in the change log section!

Thanks a lot for supporting me! And i hope everybody enjoys playing this game!

23/09/11 : 21:13:37

Name: rk17
thanks for giving us such a good game
21/11/11 : 14:56:21

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