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Polyphasic Sleeping
Name: Reyth
I have started this method of sleep. To get an idea of how it works you can link here:


I play another ganme online and this sleep method allows me to waste no battle allocation (which caps at 160 which represents about 5.3 hours of real time) as normally sleep would allow it to cap out and thus lose allocations.

I am looking forward to seeing what the sleep method will do for me in this game... <evil grin>
13/10/11 : 03:50:52

Name: denise
29/11/11 : 00:38:55

Name: Reyth
Well the brain goes through cycles of sleeping. It reapeats a cycle of deep sleep (delta waves) and REM-sleep (dreams) throughout the night. A full nights sleep might get you 5 or 6 such cycles.

Polyphasic sleep trains the brain to go directly into those phases with only 20-30 minutes of actual sleep spread out over a 24 hour period in the form of 6 nap phases.

I experienced increased energy and mental clarity with some success but ultimately had to give it up because my body started to fight the process and I couldn't afford to miss any more work in order to "win the battle".
29/11/11 : 02:44:19

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