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Name: Reyth
I have been building a mess of military lately and all of a sudden I noticed that my food was at 0 with negative production...

When do the people start starving? Is it by the tick or every 24 hours because so far I haven't got any starvation reports...
04/11/11 : 23:44:28

Name: frank
Forum Moderator
I'm looking into it right now
04/11/11 : 23:56:21

Name: frank
Forum Moderator
People should starve every hour as soon as you hit 0 food. Currently my update system is offline, as it's not working in game v1.0. Before v1.0 i worked with tick updates, as the game is updating itself real time right now, it's no longer compatible.

Ill added this to my todo and fix it asap, expect an update on this topic as soon as it's working.

Thanks for reporting
05/11/11 : 00:29:50

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