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Small updates
Name: frank
Forum Moderator
A few changes have been made:
* Ranking system
ranking page only shows top 10 from now. This hides inactive people and also makes it more of a challenge for people to "Reach" the top 10 list!

* Voting system
New sites have been added! Please vote for Ultimate Warfare to attract new players and make this game more fun for everybody

24/11/11 : 20:55:35

Name: Reyth
Awesome on the new voting sites!


Psssst: Did you add voting to the mission system yet? (wink, wink, hint hint)
24/11/11 : 21:48:33

Name: frank
Forum Moderator
Yes i did, i'm working on an improved mission system, which allows me to add new missions much faster.
24/11/11 : 22:37:46

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