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Remember Player Searched
Name: Reyth
If a player is searched for by name on the world map, the system forgets it when you return to the world view. This makes it hard to keep track of the squares of a particular player.

If the system could automatically remember the search query for the entire session this would make it much easier to search through a person's regions.

There would also need to be a "cancel search" button.
25/11/11 : 13:31:47

Name: frank
Forum Moderator
Hmm, i like the idea of storing it, but i don't like the idea that it requires another button.

Simple = better:P
If you know a nice way to implement it without creating more links and crap on the map, sure!
26/11/11 : 17:52:45

Name: Reyth
Ok, well why not make the "search all" link a dropdown box that contains "cancel search" as well and just have the system remember our last search for the session.
27/11/11 : 00:00:37

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