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Queue Building
Name: Reyth
The system could "queue" requested buildings that are over and above the cash supply.

So say if I was going on vacation for a week and I wanted to build 10,000 military units but only had cash for 1000 then it would start to build the 1000 and show 9000 in the queue to be built. Each time the cash level rose to be able to afford another unit the system would automatically buy that unit.

26/11/11 : 03:17:37

Name: frank
Forum Moderator
Hmm i see a good thing in it, but also some bad things.

You can keep building while you are on vacation, but other people will become less active. Less active means less action, less wars, less trading, less fun!

I'm afraid people will become lazy with a feature like that. If you want a great army and great economy, you should work for it!
26/11/11 : 17:56:56

Name: Reyth
Ok, sounds good to me then .
27/11/11 : 00:04:50

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