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Spy Streamline
Name: Reyth
1) Having the max number of spies populate in the box or have an "all" link.

2) Have the region spied upon as a link on the results page (allows to link directly to the map for more spying).

3) Eliminate an entire page by having the number spies box appear on the "attack with this region" page.

Its already pretty smooth but those improvements will make it even better.
08/12/11 : 16:08:12

Name: frank
Forum Moderator
Hmm, ill take a look into it!
08/12/11 : 16:51:05

Name: Reyth
Ya I just spied on 90 countries in a row and it was smooth and quick but it became obvious to me where it could of been smoother and quicker.
08/12/11 : 18:33:07

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