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Refresh Center
Name: Trevor
I've seen this technique on another game, so excuse me for not calling it another name.

Well it's a place designed to refresh your browser every five minutes if you wish to stay logged-in. Instead of being logged-out after a certain amount of time.

So, why not have a place designed for players who wish to stay logged-in while away from the keyboard? So they won't have to re-login once their session has expired.
10/12/11 : 08:47:48

Name: frank
Forum Moderator
Hmm maybe i can add it as option to your account settings. By default will it be off, for security reasons.

Sessions will time out, to prevent other people from hijacking a login session if somebody leaves his computer. Using a feature like this will open some security issues which can be used against you in places like a public internet cafe
10/12/11 : 12:57:26

Name: Trevor
Ah, I see. Then maybe it's not such a good idea....
10/12/11 : 22:32:14

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