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Game design Poll!
Name: frank
Forum Moderator
As you can see, our color scheme is not really "Army" style. We had army color scheme's in the past, you think they should come back as in they improve the game design a lot?

Some history images:

A) http://web.archive.org/web/20081008013402/http://www.ultimate-warfare.com/

B) http://web.archive.org/web/20090430144409/http://www.ultimate-warfare.com/

C) Current design:P

D) http://web.archive.org/web/20091107222349/http://www.ultimate-warfare.com/ (just homepage, not practical for game pages)

Please vote for one of our four design's and please explain why and what makes it better


Last edited by: frank
13/12/11 : 21:00:01

Name: Trevor
I vote for A) Because it's like an Army Style and it actually seems to suit the games style. Plus I generally like the colours better than the other two up there. So my bid's with A! I like D for the homepage, but if not practical for game pages. I would prefer A.
18/12/11 : 04:23:50

Name: Reyth
I don't like D very much.

I think A makes an excellent home page and great for all the pages. That rotating banner looks excellent!
19/12/11 : 02:19:09

Name: frank
Forum Moderator
I'm working on an army like design right now.

You can try it by adding "?design=1" to the URL.
For example:
http://ultimate-warfare.com/login.php will be http://ultimate-warfare.com/login.php?design=1

For going to the old design use "?design=0".

I think it's currently hard to read on some pages, feedback is welcome!

Last edited by: frank
19/12/11 : 18:06:38

Name: Fraser1000
I like A!
24/12/12 : 02:06:10

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