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Contact federation members
Name: frank
Forum Moderator
A contact form to contact federation members? This form can be sent to a players private email account (for fast communication if that is required). Ofcource people can turn this feature off in their account preferences to prevent people from contacting them outside of the game.

16/01/12 : 18:31:11

Name: Dean
Um, I'm not sure I understand the full of this idea...

Do you mean? So federation members would have access to personal email address? (Said one that they joined the game upon?)

Ah okay now, I think that's what you were meaning. Been reading it over while typing.

Depends, I think it should be a feature for first and second in command in Federations. Not ones that are lower.

The internet isn't always a safe place, so I think just for second and first in command of the federation.

Turning it off would be a wise thing too, making it so that others cannot spam members mailbox.

for me though, I don't use my e-mail I come on and check my mail. I don't have an all-time access to my mail. I barely check it.
18/01/12 : 07:34:11

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