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Game Update
Name: frank9999
Forum Moderator
I have been working on the game the last few days and made some major updates, i guess some of you found some downtime of the map and forums, that was mainly of the updates.

Major Updates:
*Differend map designs:
It is possible to use differend map templates now, You can select the map template you like the most on your account page with the "edit preferences" link.
Back to basics is the defauld map template which loads quite fast.
I love Photoshop is an advanced map template which requires an faster internet speed for smooth gameplay.

*Map improved:
The map had a few little changes,
The graphics are improved and all pieces should fit better together.
Also the map should load faster from now and the countries are upgraded till 800.

*Change log has been added:
There is a Change log link on the bottem of the main pages, you can take a look at the lastest changes to the game from there. All new changes will be added to that list.

*Security bugs are fixed:
A few new security exploits are found and fixed.

*Forum Storage issues:
There were some forum storage issues, they are all fixed now and the forum is a little optimized.

*Avatar bug:
When you upload a new avatar or federation picture, the old picture will be deleted from now. Before it wasn't like that so i had a huge map of old avatars...

*Contact information is from now available in the "about UW" link.

Report all bugs, opinions and new ideas again

~ Frank
01/01/70 : 01:33:28

Name: frank9999
*Federation delete bug fixed:
A bug that allows federation owners to leave their federation without deleting is fixed.

*Smaller people protection:
From now on you can't be attacked by people that are more then 2 times bigger then you...
This will protect new and smaller players against stronger people.

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01/01/70 : 01:33:28

Name: frank9999
*Federation List Bug fixed:
The bug in the federation list that shows the wrong amount of countries every federation has is fixed.

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01/01/70 : 01:33:28

Name: frank9999
*Market Update:
Market is more userfriendly now, less clicking required to sell and buy resources.
Also the market bug that allows people to buy stuff for free is fixed.

*Map Update:
The map is cut in pieces, you can open the map in sectors now, which allows faster loading time and less serverload. Also it's easier for people to view the map because less scrolling is needed.

*Removed links from Federation page:
Some links like options for federation owners are only visible for federation owners. Same for normal users.

*Server time added:
Server time is added on the forums and main page, this way people can see in what timezone this game is running, and how old forum posts are etc.

*Ingame message update:
The message send dates are stored in the unix timestamp from now. As a result of this the old send dates are lost...

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01/01/70 : 01:33:28

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