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The attack system is a quite advanced system. When your attack fleet arrives and attacks there so no way back. The results of the battle depends on many factors, we will run through them step by step now.

Small Player Protection:
Bigger players can't attack players that have 25% or less of their regions. This will prevent bigger players from attacking new players. If a small player attacks a big player, the big player can attack back for 24 hours.

First of all the defender is in a better position, because if he owns the regions around the region you attack, and he has Train stations, airports or / and harbors in them, that regions will help him defend his region!

Look at the example below,
If "ATTACKER" attacks region 2,2 and the defender has a Train station, airport and harbor on 1,2, then 1,2 will send all his units to region 2,2 to defend it!
If region 2,3 has only 1 airfield, he will only send planes to 2,2 to defend it!
And same for region 3,2. The reinforcements to defend a region are based on the train stations, airports and harbors from the surrounding regions and ofcource on the units that are located in those regions.

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Some Limits:
  • Train stations: Every train station can send max 25 soldiers and 1 tank (If you have that many on your region) as support.
  • Airport: Every airport can send max 10 planes (If you have that many planes on your region) as support.
  • Harbor: Every harbor can send max 1 ship (If you have that many ships on your region) as support.

Battle Stages:
The battle takes place in 4 Battle Stages,
Air Battle
Sea Battle
Ground Battle
And then the Final Stage

Air Battle:
This is the first battle stage,
Your planes start with attacking the defenders Anti Air Missiles, You need 10 planes to destroy 1 Anti Air Missile!
If you didn't killed all Anti Air Missiles, then every 2 Missiles will kill 1 plane of you!

Now the planes battle, every 5 planes you send will kill 1 enemy plane! After that you will lose 1 plane for every 5 planes that the defender has left from backfire!

Then the planes you have left will move on to the defending ships, but cos of the strong armor you need 100 planes to take out 1 warship!
This was the final stage of the Air battle

Sea Battle:
Your ships move through the heavy guarded sea, you will lose 1 ship for every 1000 sea mines. After that you kill 1 enemy ship with every 2 ships you have, the defender kills 1 ship of you with every 2 ships that he has left.

Ground Battle:
The defender will use his planes to attack your soldiers! Every plane is able to kill 4 attacking soldiers.
The attacking ships open fire at the enemy ground troops now, every ships is able to take down 9 defending soldiers.
After that the attacking will lose 1 soldier for every 20 land mines the defender has!
After that every 2 attacking tanks take down 1 defending tank, in return fire every 2 tanks that the defender has left kills 1 attacking tank!
In the next stage every attacking tank kills 2 soldiers.

Final Stage:
Finally the final stage, in this stage the attacking soldiers will fight the defending soldiers, every 2 attacking soldiers kill 1 defending soldier, and in backfire every 2 defending soldiers will kill 1 attacking soldier.

To win a battle the attacker needs to have 2 times the amount of soldiers after the final stage!
The attacker gains the region WITH all buildings.
Look below for an example battle report:

Ultimate Warfare Battle Report
Air Battle
You started with 21 planes...
You killed 0 enemy planes,
You lost 4 planes during the air battle.

After a while you saw 2 ships,
They couldn't protect theirself against your fast strike planes,
After your stikes there were 2 ships left.

You finally reached the land...
Your rader saw 250 soldiers, 14 tanks and 0 bunkers,

Sea Battle
You started with 3 ships,
Your enemy had 2 ships,
and 1 Support ships!
After a huge battle you had 2 ships left.

Ground Battle
You started with 734 soldiers,
5 enemy planes opent fire at your ground troops,
After the strikes from the enemy planes you had 714 soldiers left.
Your 2 ships opent fire and killed 18 soldiers.
Your 57 tanks were fighting against 14 tanks,
and 6 Support tanks!
After the battle you had 54 tanks left, your enemy had 0 tanks left.

Your 54 tanks found a group of 232 enemy soldiers.
You managed to kill some enemy soldiers, your enemy had 124 soldiers left.

The Final Stage
You have 714 soldiers left, your enemy had 124 soldiers left.
and 150 Support soldiers!
After the battle you had 639 left, your enemy had 0 soldiers left.


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