Ultimate Warfare Online multiplayer Text-based game
Cash 148,172 ( -1650/h ) - Food 661,202 ( + 625/h ) - Wood 65,737 ( + 9100/h ) - Steel 60,875 ( + 7812/h )

You are currently in your Headquarters. This is where all the money in your empire is stored!
From here you can control your land, your countries and your world!

 This is the first screen you start with, after you have logged in. You can see all your cash, population, resources and regions here.
  • Cash: Cash is used for buying almost everything in the game and also used as payment for your units. You make cash with Economic Centers and your population will pay tax, if you don't have enough cash, and you can't pay your units, they will lose faith in your abilites and begin to desert you.

  • Wood: Wood is a building resource, you need wood for erecting buildings and for training units. You can make wood from your woodcutters. You can build woodcutters on your Countries.

  • Steel: Steel is a building resource. Like wood, you need steel for erecting buildings and for training units. You can make steel from building mines.

  • Food: Food is very important, your units and your population will need to be fed. Furthermore, if you don't have enough food, your population and units will die.

  • Population: Your population are the workforce behind all your buildings. They also pay tax, so they are very important to the success of your empire.

  • Regions: Regions are the only way to have building space. The more regions you have the more space you have to build. This is essential to the growth of your empire.

  • Networth: Networth is a basic description of how powerful your empire is.

  • Announcements: This is a global admin/moderator message. It can contain information about the game, news, updates and more.

  • Recent reports: Last 10 reports will show up here. Reports are ingame events about market updates, attacks against you, and building updates.

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